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Focus Aroma : Bourbon Aroma Kit : Maple Syrup

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Everyone loves spreading Maple Syrup on a pile of freshly cooked pancakes - the rich aroma makes our mouth water. This Aroma is always a favourite in the Bourbon Aroma Kit!

Bourbons are famous for their delicious and rich after-taste effect and the rich sensory appeal of the maple syrup aroma is especially evident in the luscious lingering after-taste. Connoisseurs will know that vanilla type aromas also participate with the maple syrup aromas in creating the unique sensory appeal of the Bourbon after-taste.

The particular aroma molecules that give this effect do not come from adding maple syrup or any other additive to Bourbon during its creation. Aroma molecules from this family of odorous molecules are produced during the charring of the oak barrels and they leak out gently into the maturing young Bourbon in the ageing step.

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