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Focus Aroma : Gin Aroma Kit : Chamomile

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Chamomile is one of the less prominent botanical players in the Gin world but if you are acquainted with its portfolio of fruity ester aromas, you will readily appreciate how it will blend with the traditional blend of botanicals used in most Gins. The fragrant oil comes from the flowers and, as far as can be ascertained, it is typically the wild chamomile which is used. As with some of the other botanicals used in Gin, an elegant tea can be produced from the dried flowers. Sniffing the Aroma from the Gin Aroma Kit on the Aroma Strip is beguiling - a deep fruity-herbal note on top of the embracing Gin juniper aroma notes which, while initially faint, becomes increasingly evident.

It is rich and heady and some people find an apple-like fruity nuance (indeed, the –
‘mile’ in the plant’s name derives from the Greek word for apple). There is a richness about the aroma, suggestive of both molecular complexity and also some special molecules with a soothing balsamic aroma somewhat like new-mown hay. Whilst enjoying this aroma, you can readily understand how its richness gives a special character to some of the other Gin aromas - especially the Gin citrus notes. There is Myth & Lore associated with Chamomile Oils and it was considered one of the nine sacred Saxon herbs.

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