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Focus Aroma : Gin Aroma Kit : Grapefruit

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The Gin Master Distillers are forever experimenting with new aromas, somewhat like the alchemists of old sought the elixir of life. Since grapefruit is a familiar citrus fruit, it is unsurprising that it has been picked-up by distillers in their quest for different Gin Aroma experiences. The aroma of the fruit is one of the few to which the taste term "bitter" is applied. The complete aroma profile is along the lines of – fresh citrus-bitter-green-woody. At a discreet level in a Gin, the grapefruit note increases the enchanting sensation of freshness (which can be compromised by too heavy a juniper aroma) and also nuances the citrus notes in the aroma and flavour.

Sniffing the Aroma in the Aroma Academy Gin Aroma Kit, the bright and particularly refreshing grapefruit aroma is evident above the background juniper notes.

The unmistakable top note of fresh grapefruit is due to a relatively simple sulphur Gin Aroma Kit : Grapefruit
molecule which is possibly the most potent smelly molecule known to humans. The lesson which Gin Master Distillers learn from this finding, is that there may be many such powerful - and as yet undetected - aroma molecules in Gin and their level may crucially control the quality of the drink.

See our Gin Aroma Kit for more information.

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