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Focus Aroma : Rum Aroma Kit : Toffee

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The cooked sugars and molasses from Rum production give a cooked candy element including the well-known and much-loved toffee aroma which is typically quite easy for people to identify – as compared to many aroma nuances. In general, in many rum brands, the toffee aromas are constructed around a blend of buttery and creamy aromas that are in turn nuanced with other aroma types to provide many different expressions of toffee aroma and flavour. For example, many toffee aromas have both roasted and nutty aromas in the background.

The toffee type we include in the Aroma Academy Rum Aroma Kit is designed to
convey a typical toffee aroma found in a wide range of rum aroma types and is an integral part of many rum aroma and flavour profiles.

See our Rum Aroma Kit for more information.

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