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Focus Aroma : Whisky Aroma Kit : Citrus (Orange)

This is one of the best-known aromas in the general category of citrus smells. It gives a “lightness-of-spirit” and delicate freshness to many celebrated whiskies. We use the special orange aroma molecule which is liberated from the peel as you peel a fresh orange. This aroma is very diffuse – we are all aware that even if someone peels an orange some distance away, your nose will invariably be alerted!

Citrus notes are usually regarded as "Top Notes," appearing in the first part of an aroma sensation, and indeed this is also the case here. However, the special molecule in our Aroma Kit Standard also attaches to the Aroma Strip very well and so you will discover, as you sniff the strip at intervals, that a little time is required to achieve full intensity. 

See our Whisky Aroma Kit for more information.

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