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Focus Aroma : Whisky Aroma Kit : Solventy (Volatile Fruity)

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The light fruity aromas which are an important part of the aroma profile found in many whiskies are based on the well-known acetate esters which are broadly categorised as solvents. These aromas evaporate quite quickly so you have to take cognisance of this when nosing. In essence, a solvent is just a liquid in which some material of interest is dissolved.

A familiar example is glue in which non-smelly large sticky molecules are dissolved in a
liquid. When you use it, the solvent evaporates providing what is known as a ‘glue smell' leaving the glue behind. Another well-known example occurs with nail varnish and the sweet, sometimes slightly fruity, volatile solvent in nail varnish and nail varnish remover is exactly the kind of solvent aroma effect which is found in whiskies.

A generic example of this category is found in the Whisky Aroma Kit.

See our Whisky Aroma Kit for more information.

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