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About Us

The Aroma Academy was founded in the United Kingdom, with the intention of taking the knowledge that a group of Master Perfumers and alcohol drinks enthusiasts, had learnt from the perfume industry to formulate a unique process for teaching people how to nose and appreciate drinks from a scientific approach, or as they would put it, the correct perfumers approach. The results that came from this way of doing things were astounding and now lead the way with this ground breaking methodology to learning smell and aroma recognition.



At the core of the system are the "Self Learn" Aroma Kits. Available in five drink specific varieties: Whisky, Wine, Gin, Rum and Bourbon. These specialist Nose Training - Aroma Kits were created by Dr George Dodd, Director of Science & Technology at The Aroma Academy, in such a manner that allows to develop and fine tune your nosing ability and aroma recognition skills at your own pace in the comfort of your home, or if appropriate, the convenience of your work place. In addition to the set of Aroma Standards each kit includes a guide booklet that "takes you through" the Aroma samples and the "tried and tested" systematic methodology to train your nose. It clearly explains the principles of nosing and allows you to familiarise yourself with the 12 or 24 unique aroma standard samples found in the different Aroma Kits. For more detail follow the link to the Products page.

 Thousands of individual enthusiasts around the world are already using the self training kits. Industry Professional, Global Drinks companies and Education and Training Institutions all use either our branded Aroma Academy kits or kits specifically tailored for their brands.

Here in Australia, as official distributors of the Aroma Academy, we are spreading the word of this ground breaking system, teaching the Training Programmes, hosting events and marketing the "Self Learn" Aromas Training Kits to both industry professionals and drinks enthusiasts alike. There are training programmes catering for all skills levels and ambitions, see the link to Training.


In addition to the suite of training classes we offer a variety of unique events for corporate groups and small teams. These include specialised Aroma Academy Team Building events where your team will be involved in aroma based exercises and activities, developing their knowledge, drinks aroma recognition and sense of smell. Importantly these sessions are fun, interactive and designed to be motivating, develop trust, communication and team working skills. Available in two hour, half day and longer full day sessions, events can be tailored to your requirements. See the link to Team Building for more information of how e can help with you next event.

Aroma Academy Australia is a division of Poison Creek Distilling Pty Ltd, located in Richmond, VIC Australia. All enquires can be directed to or call 03 9428 8173.