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Aroma Training Systems

  • Each of our Aroma Standards are specifically nuanced for the category in question, approved by experts in the particular field (be it whisky, rum, gin, bourbon or wine) and are, typically, a sophisticated blend of aroma solutions developed via a mixture of leading scientific knowledge and practical nosing by a panel.
  • We do not just provide you with the specially designed Aroma Standard solutions - we also provide you with a "tried and tested" systematic methodology to train your nose.
  • Our Director of Science & Technology, Dr George Dodd, who personally created both the  Aroma Training Kits and the Aroma Training Methodology is peerless in his field.


  Who is using our kits and methodology?


  • Thousands of individual enthusiasts around the world.
  • Industry professionals who understand the importance of developing their Aroma Recognition skills for their jobs and businesses.
  • Leading Global Drinks companies and Education Training Institutions who use both our branded Aroma Academy kits and have requested us o develop specially tailored bespoke kits for their own brands.

Our blue chip customers include:

    • Diageo - Johnie Walker Whisky & Tanqueray Gin
    • Pernod Richard - Chivas Whisky
    • Bacardi - Bombay Sapphire Gin
    • Glenmorangie - Single Malt Whisky
    • Distilled Spirits Epicenter, Kentucky, USA - Bourbon
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