Become an Aroma Sensory Expert
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Develop your nosing and aroma recognition skills with our class leading nose training systems.

  • Are you a wine or spirits enthusiast, drinks industry specialist or in hospitality?
  • Do you strive for connoisseur or expert status?
  • Will enhanced nosing skills and knowledge help your business or professionalism?
  • The perfect gift for budding sommeliers, industry professionals or enthusiastic amateurs alike.

Dr George Dodd Expert Aroma ScientistEducate and Calibrate your nose.

Developed by the world leading Aroma Scientist and recognised expert on the Sense of Smell – Dr George Dodd

Learn by following our leading systematic methodology to set you on the path to becoming a wine expert, whisky expert, whiskey expert, bourbon expert, gin expert or rum expert with our Self Learn Aroma Training Kits.