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Team Building & Corporate Events - Extremely Effective, Memorable and Tailorable

Team Building Events & Corporate Events

Are you looking for something new, where anyone can participate, that is enjoyable, informative, tailored to your timings and structured as a “competitive” team event? 
Or are you looking for a new corporate event that will be memorable, entertaining and not the run of the mill?
Aroma Academy Australia can deliver a series of innovative Corporate/Team Building events.
They are fun, interactive, educational and designed to motivate, build trust amongst teams and communication all centred around the fascinating science of aromas and “The Sense of Smell”.


There are plenty of options, such as “Aroma Games” which encourage interaction and fun competition as selected teams pit their “Aroma Recognition Skills” against each other or bespoke stand-alone engaging events that will entertain your clients and prospects in an memorable evening.


These stimulating group activities will motivate and bring your team or clients together for a very enjoyable experience in pleasant surroundings (as opposed to some of the less appealing outdoor Team Building options!) contact us for more details.