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Whisky Aroma Nose Training System - 12 Whisky Aromas Kit


The subtle and dramatic differences that have been debated about for centuries between Scotch and Irish whiskies, Single malts vs. Blended whiskies, the complex flavours and aromas of peat, malt, caramels, charred oak and so many others.

The Whisky Aroma Kits make great gifts for both enthusiast and drinks industry professionals looking to enhance there nosing skills and knowledge. The self paced learning kits will make your nosing and tasting an even more pleasurable experience and dramatically increase your knowledge!   

These kits have been specially designed for Whisky nosing and tasting with a set of key Whisky aroma standards and an accompanying guide booklet that will heighten your whisky experience.

Let us guide you as we;

  • Introduce a series of key reference Whisky aromas!
  • Educate you regarding nosing terminology/vocabulary!
  • Explain the nosing and tasting process!
  • Identify the key aromas to be found in your favourite Whiskys!

The Kit Includes:

  • 12 Whisky Aromas standards in a rigid display box
  • Each Whisky aroma sample is specifically designed by leading Aroma Scientist, from the Aroma Academy Dr George Dodd to develop your sensory abilities in identifying the key components of Whisky.
  • Aroma Strips for nosing each of the Aroma sample.
  • An expertly devised guide booklet to "lead you through" the individual aroma samples but also through a recommended process for Whisky nosing and tasting!
  • Nosing and Tasting Record Sheets to help you to track your progress through the process and build up your sensory knowledge bank.
So, if you have ever wanted to know how best to nose a premium spirit and have ever wanted to know what the experts mean by; 
  • Phenolic aroma
  • Charred Oak aroma
  • Spicy aroma
  • Peaty aroma
  • Caramel aroma
  • Grassy aroma

then, the Whisky Aroma Kit has the answers you have been looking for - and a lot more.

Whether you are:

  • a Whisky enthusiast
  • looking for a present for a Whisky enthusiast or are
  • an industry professional

The Whisky Aroma Kit is a "must have" item!

Used by:

  • Leading Whisky Companies
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Whisky Connoisseurs
  • Whisky Clubs & Societies
  • Whisky Enthusiasts worldwide

For a more in depth understanding of Whisky Aroma, check out the Aroma Academy Training Programmes under the Training link.

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